How to use Sens


Awaken your sense with SENS.

Choose from our selection of perfume orbs and stones orbs. With our sophisticated modular designs, the orb slots effortlessly into the earring, ring or necklace. Relax, awaken or centre yourself on your intention as you allow the jewellery to stimulate your senses throughout the day.


Perfume Orbs

The Escape line crafted by the London based perfumer, Harry Sherwood.

The Evoke line crafted by the Parisian perfumery, Les Flaneurs. The scent lightly diffuses from the refillable glass orbs as you move, arousing your senses and your surroundings.

Perfume Selection

Evoke Selection

Crafted by the famous Parisian perfumery, Les Flaneurs, to explore your sensations.

Crafted by London based perfumer, Harry Sherwood, to conjure the imagination.

Escape Selection


Massage Stone 

The massage stones are handpicked and polished precious minerals, smooth to the touch, temperature sensitive and aesthetically distinguished.


Roll over pressure points and alternative erogenous zones to release tension. Palm of your hand, inner forearm, neck and shoulders. Set an intention as you slot the stone into your jewellery to re-centre yourself.


Stone Selection


White Howlite 

Ground in awareness.

Allow yourself to experience true calm and insight.


Rose Quartz

Deepen your compassion.

Connect to the warmth in

yourself and those around you.


Violet Amethyst 

Find inner wisdom.

Seek balance within with

relief from stress and anxiety.