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Perfume Collection - Escape

Create a world of your own with Escape.

Scent not only evokes memories, but also conjures imagination. Using contrasting scents, perfumer philosopher, Harry Sherwood concocted uniquely smelling perfumes that allow the wear to escape to very specific, sensorially rich environments, simultaneously feeling the warm and cool, the sweet and sharp.


To escape into a place of nostalgic beauty.

For when you are feeling elegant and curious, imagine touching the dewy cold glass as you stroll through a humid glasshouse.


Heady sweetness of the flowers, combined with sharp citrus hints.

Notes: Magnolia, Violet leaf, Geranium, Musk, Vetiver, Nectarine, Tomato leaf

Perfume Collection - Escape


For contemplation and composure.

Escape into a place of ancient spirituality, stand in awe, imagining the cool sandstone walls, with warm incense burning nearby.


Syrupy sweetness of the decaying books, contrasted with spicy tones.

Notes: Old book, Stone, Rose, Walnut, Incense

Garden Rain.png

Garden Rain

​To feel energised or begin anew.

Escape into utter freshness and return to nature. Imagine stepping onto freshly cut dewy grass at the crack of dawn, the Summer sun tickling your skin. Wet coolness combined with warm.

Notes: Cut grass, Pink peony, Ripe pear, Summer rain, Sliced cucumber

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