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Perfume Collection - Evoke

Explore your sensations with Evoke.

Crafted by Parisian perfumery, Les Flaneurs, to sensually reconnect and relax into the body. These evocative perfumes are designed to ignite relaxation, reconnection and sensuality, essential for the physical arousal of the senses. 

Mood Sensuality

To draw you into a state of arousal.


Recognising all the beautiful things your body can do, wear this scent like a second skin of secret lust.

Here we created notes of a transparent musk, velvety cashmere, sumptuous sandalwood, and sensual rose.

Top:Frankincense, Aldehydes, Nutmeg

Heart:Sensual rose, resinous elemi oil, cashmere ambers

Base:Transparent musk, creamy sandalwood, cedarwood

Mood Sensuality.png
Perfume Collection - Evoke
Mood Relaxation.png

Mood Relaxation

To calm the heightened nervous system.


An exploration of the texture of smells, this perfume is like a cashmere duvet, soft and reassuring.


Notes that are warm and comforting with a spice heart of black pepper, cardamom saffron and clove, spiritual with an overdose of frankincense and vetiver oils to relax you. 

Top:Frankincense, black pepper, Cardamon

Heart:Cashmere ambers , Rose absolute, Saffron

Base:Sandalwood, Vetiver, Textured musks

Mood Reconnection

To ground yourself.


This gender neutral scent evokes your truest self. Forget who you are supposed to be and focus on your goals with confidence. 

Basil and saffron on the top will keep you alert, while the oakmoss and warm musks in the base inspire strength.

Top:Basil, Saffron, Frankincense
Heart:Tuberose, Mimosa, Chamomile
Base:Vetiver, Oakmoss Patchouli

Mood Reconnection.png
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