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Seasonal Sensual Self-Care - London December Event

The holidays are coming... It should be the most magical time of the year. Yet, you are dreading it. Stress levels are running high. Gifts to buy, cards to send, dinners to organise, caring for everyone else’s comfort and wellbeing… but your own?

The emotional labour you give during this busy period can have a detrimental impact on your mental and physical health.

Tuning into the senses and being present can create more calm and clarity, curiosity and creativity. Exactly what is needed for this magical time of year.

Sensual Self Care

During this busy period, connecting to ones sensuality is especially important.

Studies have found that encouraging a state of calm and presence through fragrance and massage can release the love-bonding hormone oxytocin, reducing the stress hormone cortisol. This allows for more intimacy with ourselves and those around us.

SENS by WISP is sensual fragrance and massage jewellery for tantalising the senses of smell and touch. SENS offers a distinctive and breathtaking aesthetic. It is unique, offering a different experience to each person who interacts with it, depending on personal sensual preferences. Handmade in Milan, the ring, earrings and necklace intimately rest upon sensitive parts of the body and can be used to release tension from pressure points. It has a modular design for personalisation with the interchangeable massage stones and fragrance orbs, made from glass and precious minerals.

This December, WISP have teamed up with Lone Design Club to create a sensational evening with practical sensory workshops and a panel of sensual wellness experts, mental health advocates and sensual-tech researchers. Come and experience SENS jewellery first-hand.

Set in the heart of London. Join us at 6 Slingsby Place, St Martin's Courtyard, Covent Garden, WC2E 9AA.

Early bird tickets are only £10. £15 standard price. Buy your tickets now! Guests will receive goody bags and have £15 off on all WISP items on the evening.

About the Speakers

Oli Lipski - WISP's Project Manager

Oli is a passionate sex tech researcher who, since working for WISP, specialises in sensual tech. Since graduating with a degree in sexuality, she’s been working with multiple sex positive brands on a mission is to smash taboos with pleasure liberation.

Chloe Pierre - Self-Care Entrepreneur, founder of thy.self Chloe is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator turned Wellness company owner. She started thy.self with a mission to actualise self-care and wellbeing through cultural initiatives. thy.self believes in wellness for all and diversifying the face of wellness.

Jessica Parker - Sexological Bodyworker, Lady Liquid Love

Jessica is a Sexological Bodyworker, Erotic Masseuse and Sensual Event Manager. By utilising her unique range of skills in her private sessions and sensory events (Lady Liquid Love and Pleasure Island Parties) she guides and empowers people to explore, understand and live their full pleasure potential.

Andrea Balboni - Love, Relationships & Intimacy Coach, Lush Coaching Andrea has cracked the code – after 15 years of being single, she created an extraordinary relationship that lights her on fire. She now works 1:1 with both men and women to do the same. Her work is immersive and necessarily ground-breaking – a unique blend of modern psychology, cutting-edge neuroscience and body-based tantric and taoist practices – that transforms her clients, body, mind and soul.


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