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5 Rejuvenation Treats For a Sensual Spring (Stuck Inside)

“I love springtime and the feeling that summer is coming. To me, Springtime is the beginning of life in Nature. It’s synonymous with creativity, like a blossoming flower. It’s the beginning of a new cycle.” - Inner Goddesses “When the sun gets higher with springtime, I get more rainbows in my life.” - Fine Bone

“Spring is a time for new beginnings and the start of longer days of light, it’s the time of year we start spending more time outdoors and a sign that Summer is within reach!” - Believe in Bubu

But what if you are stuck inside? Spring is also a mindset, a period of rebirth, reconnection and rejuvenation. We spoke to some of our favourite sustainable brands in sensual skincare and sexual wellness, about embracing this Spring mindset, even if you are stuck inside, and how their products can help rejuvenate you, mind, body and skin.

Tell us a bit about your product

Believe In Bubu: Bubu is more than just a skincare product, it is a product range with purpose, our brand represents to “be unique, be u” with the love heart above the brand symbolic of self love. We want to encourage our audience to love the skin they are in and educate that our skin is always changing based on a variety of factors. Perfect skin doesn’t exist, or at least not for any length of time.

Our products are all designed to help you manage your skin as it changes or breaks out, we have a mask for every skin care need. Our product range is convenient, easy to use, and perfect for any pre party prep as our treatment masks are also designed to double as a makeup primer. Our mask range is all cruelty free, suitable for vegetarians/vegan and environmentally friendly.

Inner Goddesses: I was born and raised in France and moved to the UK about 6 years ago. I graduated with a degree in International Business and Fashion. I am a very curious person and I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures. Growing up I also had a strong interest in magazines and the world of beauty.

In my teenage years, I had a difficult time accepting myself and used makeup to feel more beautiful. Years passed and I understood that beauty was far more than a physical trait. I wanted to encourage every woman to find this beauty within themselves and be connected with who there are. That’s how the idea of Inner Goddess came to me a year and a half ago.

Inner Goddess is an online platform and lifestyle brand that offers a selection of purely natural and high quality products. For this, we unearth brands that know how to harness the power of nature to enhance one’s natural beauty. I also want the website to become a community on which women can express themselves.

Fine Bone: I’m Ffion and I’m the founder of Fine Bone, ethical ceramic pleasure tools for womxn. We’ve recently launched our first product Prudence which is an internal and external massager. I designed Prudence through moulding different shapes and working out what felt nice. This process of self-discovery informs the ethos of the brand throughout. Basically, I’m an all- round advocate for exploring the many avenues that masturbation can take.

Why is it important to rejuvenate yourself?

Believe In Bubu: We can all be guilty of not taking some time out to do something we love, and life is too short to not prioritise some time for yourself. It isn’t selfish, it is important, and we all need to stop and recharge sometimes.

Inner Goddesses: I think it’s important to take time off to rejuvenate your mind and body. I feel that we tend to lose ourselves in the day to day life and taking time to reconnect with our inner guidance and creativity is essential for our wellbeing. Finding balance in life. Whether it is getting some ‘me time’ to pamper yourself, read a good book or walk in Nature.

Fine Bone: I think all of us can get a bit stuck in a routine. Even when masturbating we can get a bit lazy and forget there’s different positions or stimuli. Finding new ways to enjoy ourselves can give us that feeling of rejuvenation. Not just sexually, it can be food or dancing or anything.

How does your product help to rejuvenate people?

Believe In Bubu: Bubu’s product range is designed to be convenient and easy to use, you can provide your skin some noticeable nourishment in just 15 minutes! We hope that during the time your mask is on, you can take some time to relax, read, listen to some music or generally remind yourself of how incredible you are.

Inner Goddesses: The brand we are working with at the moment only uses pure natural ingredients, from plant extracts to essential oils. Each ingredient has specific properties that help rejuvenate the skin.

Calm facial oil is very soothing with Lavender, Shine smells amazing and bring this youthful glow to your skin, and Rewind helps maintain skin elasticity and moisture. Finally we have Wink which is a great oil that stimulates the growth of your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Fine Bone: Prudence is a simple tool. The sensation is in the form rather than using vibration say. It’s about slow pleasure. I hope that people try Prudence over the course of an evening, maybe combining her with different textures and a glass of wine. Ceramics are good for temperature play too which helps to reconnect with erogenous areas all over the body. Sensual playtime will hopefully lead to some erotic lightbulb moments.

At WISP we believe in a more sustainable future. How is your product sustainable?

Believe In Bubu: Our hydrogel base is biodegradable and our sparkle is environmentally friendly.

Inner Goddesses: Most of the ingredients are grown in farms in the Indiana State (USA). When the production is not enough, organic ingredients are sourced elsewhere but the brand makes sure it is always in an ethical way. Because the brand is American, the plants are mostly from the USA but also from other parts of the world based on availability. The line of products is vegan, organic and natural.

Fine Bone: Our products are handmade by an artisan in the Netherlands using very traditional methods. The process doesn’t use vast quantities of water and they are made in an electric kiln. A lot of the waste from making the product can actually be reused straight away to make more. Porcelain is an organic material that's been around for 1000s of years. All ceramics are very stable, they don’t release toxic emissions and this makes Prudence body safe too.

One final question, what else can you recommend for people to feel rejuvenated?

Believe In Bubu: Step away from technology when you can, spend some time with people who make you laugh.

Inner Goddesses: I love doing activities that excite me and challenge me but I also value my time alone to recharge. I love learning and depending on my mood, you will find me reading or expressing my creativity in a dance course or any kind of creative forms I feel like doing.

Fine Bone: I like to pretend I’m a mermaid so taking baths or going for a long swim at my local pool sets me straight. Whenever I feel stagnant or pent up that’s where I head, it’s kind of like meditating.

At WISP, we believe strongly in empowering yourself through your senses! SENS sensual jewellery allows the wearer to personalise their experience with the interchangeable orbs to be an utterly reinvigorating one. The perfume Garden Rain evoking a freshness to your day, while Mood Reconnection grounding you with more earthy notes. Or choosing the White Howlite massage stone to awaken nerve endings in numb places. If you're interested in learning more about SENS, just head to our Product Page.


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