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Wisp(ering) Secrets: Showroom & SENS Popup Launch

What is a woman’s best kept secret?

Her sensuality, of course.

On the 13th-16th of February 2019, we held the Wisp(ering) Secrets Showroom to launch our debut collection of Sensual Tech jewellery, SENS.

In the beautiful Guest House of Sebastiao Maria, in the heart of Shoreditch, London, our Wisp(ering) Secrets showroom and popup launch fell perfectly on Spring London Fashion Week 2019. Not to mention that it also landed on Valentine’s Day as romance was certainly in the air, and who doesn’t like to give and receive gifts with their loved one?

And what better gift than one that enhances your experience of sensuality, intimacy and love that takes you on a journey of the senses.

Visually. Our warmly lit showroom was a guest room, carefully chosen to create a sense of intimacy for our guests. Our team elegantly decorated the space with minimalistic decorations with mirrors, plants and flowers. Our curated stands with glass tops displayed the silver jewellery and colourful glass and crystalline orbs.

Aromatically. In one corner placed a stand for the perfume. We knew that to sell perfume, our customers had to be physically present to try it. So we had masterfully mixed each of our scents, from our Evoke and Escape collections, with plaster cast. They hardened in glass funnels for ease and longevity for our guests to smell over the course of the popup. Samples of the perfumes were also handed out.

Kinesthetically. Another stand beautifully displayed our handcrafted massage stones. You run your fingers over the white howlite, rose quartz and violet amethyst to feel each of their textures, dexterities and smooth finish.

As our showroom came to a close, we felt that our audience truly got a taste of what WISP is all about first hand. Here are a few quotes from some of our guests:

“They [the perfumes] all smelled amazing!” - Herbaceous Blends

“I felt like I was walking into a secret sanctuary in the middle of Shoreditch.” - Oli Lipski, Sex Tech Researcher

“The showroom was elegant and intimate, which, I feel, precisely captured the essence of the products. It was a very good experience.” - Ting

​​“The event was very well curated. It felt both intimate and luxurious. Beautiful combination of fine jewellery and scents!” - Sabina Weiss

“Wisps pop-up was a sensory experience that pleased the eye, gently awakened the sense of smell and sensation of touch.” - Elizabeth

“I was so impressed by the range of fragrances… Sens made me aware of how important each of the senses is to our overall mood and the energy we give off.” - Ffion from Fine Bone

Make sure you keep an eye out for our future events and workshops, where you can get up close and personal with our products, physically touching, smelling and experiencing the beginnings of sensual technology.

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