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Our Story

A sensual lifestyle brand that inspires enjoyment,

enthusiasm and starts an intimate conversation.​


Tempted by challenge and complexity, WISP founder, Wan Tseng sets out to shift societal views on pleasure and sensuality, starting a conversation to create a wider acceptance and equality for sexual exploration, experimentation and expression without normally negative connotations.

Our team is comprised of multidisciplinary researchers, designers, creative technologists, engineers, makers, strategists, and business developers all passionate in bringing sexual & sensual wellbeing to the forefront of the conversation. 


Our Vision

Wisp's mission is to empower women by making products that improve intimacy for women and their partners. 

Our research and development come from talking to individual women like you.


With deep respect for culture and tradition, Wan pursues her interest for innovation with sensitivity and seriousness to achieve an intimacy of its own as she pioneers in-depth research. Exposing a wave of desire to experience intimacy as sensuality not simply "acts of sex", women are quietly calling for a sensual revolution and Wan proudly takes on the responsibility to deliver.


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