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.NET Framework Version: 4.6.1 Setting: Windows 10 Time Left: 7 Days 1,800,037 Votes Score: 4.43 / 5.00 User Rating: #1: 96.98% (15,559) #2: 1.67% (273) #3: 0.00% (0) #4: 0.00% (0) #5: 0.00% (0) Anyways, I was curious how my new PC performed with this game. Well, lets just say, that I have absolutely NO regrets on the purchase. I knew what to expect, and I was going to be upgrading to a system that would be capable of running all that power and beef. So, when my self-imposed deadline came and went, I took advantage of the build-up time and did an almost complete reinstall. My main thing was that I wanted to go all-in on a GTX 1080 and as I say before, this was the only game I could justify as having that much power. After the installation was done, the system rebooted and the display immediately went into an odd power save mode. I turned the system off and back on and it didn't change. I gave it the ol' reboot a second time and it went into the same power save mode. So, I did some research on the power save issues that some of my forum friends had mentioned. I eventually found a solution that worked. The thing is, though, when I followed the instructions, it would not let me turn the monitor off or reboot the computer. So, I just turned it off, then turned the monitor back on. Before I explain what I did, I should mention that I purchased a Dell U2713H monitor, which has been installed in my current PC. It is a 4K monitor and can support a 30Hz refresh rate, and I believe the default refresh rate is 25Hz. Now, I'm going to present to you what I did. First, I took off the screen protector on the screen. The monitor was not plugged in at this point, just turned on. Then, I grabbed a small piece of sandpaper and began rubbing the screen all over. I rubbed all the way around and over the corners as well as down along the top and sides of the screen. I also rubbed the screen along the bottom, as I believe the sand paper was skipping over the "bezel" that's on the bottom of



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