Spring is a mindset, a period of rebirth, reconnection and rejuvenation. We spoke to some of our favourite sustainable brands in sensual skincare and sexual wellness, about embracing this Spring minds...

February 12, 2020

We interviewed Andrea Balboni, Sex, Love and Relationship’s Coach, to get the real talk on what it means to truly love yourself.

Discover more about your sense of smell, how that plays into your relationships. We spoke to a philosopher of scent to find out!

September 24, 2019

At WISP we care about overcoming taboos when it comes to sex and sexuality. While sensuality is just one way of opening up discussions around sex, we spoke to host of the amazing podcast Sex Ed W...

“'I had the most amazing, holistic, informed, empowering judgement free sex education” – said no one ever”. Sex Tech industry expert Dominnique Karetsos reminds us that unfortunately today, we are tau...

Here's three tips that will help you engage your sensuality by encouraging intimacy with yourself and your partner.

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